An Artist Co-op is Born!

Ruston Artisans, 203 W. Alabama, Ruston, is home and sponsor of a brand new co-op for artists. I am excited to be a founding member.

As an active member, I’ll have space in the large back room of the gallery to display my art continuously. The inaugural display is called “Birdland,” featuring–you guessed it!–photographs of birds. I created a brand new large piece for the occasion: an 11×14 print framed 16×20 of the gorgeous Fiery-billed Araçaris (Pteroglossus frantzii), photographed on my trip to the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica in 2019.

Fiery-billed Araçaris (Pteroglossus frantzii)

Of course, Louisiana has many beautiful birds. I began photographing them with serious intent just a few years ago, and photographing birds is a challenge. They won’t let you get close and they won’t hold still! And when they do perch for a few seconds, it is inevitably with a branch or leaf in your sight-line! Nevertheless, my collection of images I can be proud of is growing.

The display includes works of several sizes, ranging from small (5×5 prints framed 10×10 inches) to large (11x 14 framed 16×20), plus note cards individually printed on quality card stock. What artists and galleries call “bin work,” that is ready-to-frame matted prints in plastic sleeves, is also on hand, as well as jigsaw puzzles made from my photographs. Everything is archival except the puzzles and everything is limited edition except the note cards.

Sure do hope you’ll stop by next time you’re in Ruston. Should you want to take home a bird, Ruston Artisans is fully authorized to make that happen. And by all means, stay tuned here for updates. In addition to changing my display every three months, I’ll be conducting some workshops and special events in the back room at Ruston Artisans.


  1. Awesome Bette! Congrats and good luck with it!

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