Jones Gallery for May

I have mentioned before that the Jones Gallery in Kansas City, MO, has become a dependable supporter of my work. Their May Group Art Show will again include two by me, both #ArchitecturalAbstracts.

Checkered Past

Although I usually seek to reduce or eliminate graininess when editing photos, I did the opposite with Checkered Past. It’s the Monroe Building, one of Chicago’s historic treasures that is regularly featured on the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House tour. Light levels were low inside, which tends to make for grainier photos, so I was partly just going where the photo seemed to want to go.

But that’s not all. Standing there, I felt like I was in a scene in a movie. It’s the kind of place where you expect Cary Grant to show up at any moment. (Am I revealing my age, or what?!) I call those kinds of photos #Cinematics and sometimes enhance graininess for more of that “movie still” feeling.


At the opposite extreme, Saber features a fragment of a building that is, in itself, a wonder of modern art. It’s the Milwaukee Museum of Art designed by Santiago Calatrava. To be a photographer standing in that building, or outside it for that matter, is to be almost overwhelmed with the challenge of how to say something meaningful about it photographically.

Both of these images remind me of how long it has been since I have traveled and how much I am ready for a “city fiix,” not to mention seeing my Chicago photog friends again. Although I think I was alone when I visited the Monroe Building, I know two of them were with me at the Milwaukee Museum. What a fabulous day we had!

Many thanks to the Jones Gallery at 1717 Walnut St. in the heart of the arts district in Kansas City, MO. Now that travel is safer again, I need to plan another trip there for their “First Fridays” Opening Night. Not May, but maybe July?

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