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#AdventWord #Strength

It’s a kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra). And as a naturalist, knowing what kind of tree it is matters to me. But this tree.., this tree grabbed me by the heart first. I wanted to ask it questions, and I did, but not questions about its species identity or its physical characteristics. What do you see from where you stand, dear tree? How did you get so tall–so much taller than all those companions clustered around your trunk and mingling with your roots? What can you teach us about finding your niche in the universe and living to your fullest potential?…

Small Works Are In

‘Tis the season for small works. Lots of galleries stage small works shows about this time of year because small works of art can make special but affordable gifts. They are fun to make as well. Mine are typically prints that range in size from 5×5 framed 10×10 up to 7×7 framed 12×12. The Kansas City Stockyards Gallery invited Ladies of the Night and 5th Position for their Holiday Small Works show. Ladies of the Night is from my trip to Cost Rica in 2019. These elegant “ladies” are wild orchids called “Lady of the Night” (Brassavola nodosa). They were…

New Puzzles!

Three new puzzles designs are on the way, and should arrive in time for local delivery before Christmas. You can snag a pre-order discount and arrange to meet me, or pick up your order or purchase at Ruston Artisans in Ruston. “Gladiator Frog” is one of my memorable shots from my trip to Costa Rica. A print of this little guy was in a show at a gallery in Kansas City in 2020. I tested this puzzle online and more than 2000 people put it together and several named it a favorite. I do puzzles online, too, but this one…

Foto Booth Fun

So… I’m an outdoor photographer, primarily. I prefer working with natural light. Frankly, I prefer non-human subjects, because they never complain that my photos make their butt look big or that their hair is a mess or that they don’t photograph well, and on and on. But last week I tried something new: For the Downtown Ruston Wine Walk, I did a photo booth at Ruston Artisans. It was a barrel of fun! I mostly took pictures of folks with their own cell phones, but Kathy Stepp and her husband Terry posed for me to test my set-up and lighting….