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#Harmony #AdventWord

I call it “BJ’s Hideaway.” It’s just a short distance off of Highway 165 South, which I must travel with some regularity to get to meetings and events in central Louisiana, like tomorrow’s ordination at a church in Alexandria. An old logging road extends into the Kisatchie National Forest. I’ve never walked as far as I could, so I don’t know where or how it ends, but I do know that a good way into the forest, there’s a longleaf pine plantation. I go there in search of #harmony. Sometimes it eludes me for a time as I remember the…

#Confess #AdventWord

What brings you to your knees? I suppose for most of us at least occasionally, it’s remorse, grief, some form of repentance for something unbecoming we have done, some unkind treatment of another, an angry outburst, failing once again to stick to our commitment to love everyone today….. One day in northwest Arkansas hiking with friends, this tiny pool of emerald water brought me to my knees. It had already been a long hike down difficult terrain–a mostly dry stream bed littered with rock of all sizes, from small gravely stuff that makes you slip and slide to boulders that…

#Grace #AdventWord

Grace, all the way down. It’s the only possible explanation. But if, by “explanation,” you mean a clear, logical exposition of how the world works, it’s no explanation at all. “Grace” makes no sense. On the other hand, #grace is the only thing that makes sense. How else would you account for vessels of shimmery morning light tenderly cradled by winter’s leafless vines?

#Root #AdventWord

Root out of Jesse. Root cause. Root position of a chord on a piano. Root of all evil. Root ball. Root like an armadillo. Root canal…. So much we can do with the word “root.” How about “root crown”? Or “crown of roots”? I have never heard of it either, but I saw one. It was, in fact, a root ball. Or had been. The tree it once anchored had long fallen and yielded its foundation to the sea. And the sun had bleached and the waves had tumbled and polished and returned this thing of the land to the…