Brand New vs. Well-Traveled

First the brand new: a series of photographs tagged #SandAbstracts. I’ve been working on these since I got back from my trip to Dauphin Island in December 2020. I spent the entire last day I was on Dauphin Island hiking as far as I could go along the 10-mile beach that constitutes the west end of the island and was captivated by the interaction between waves and sand.


Of the six or so images in the series so far, this is the first to be accepted into a juried show. The show is called “Sky’s the Limit.” It’s an online show conducted by Las Lagunas Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA, and will be featured April 1-30, 2021. You can view the online gallery here.

Several of the #SandAbstracts have musical terms for titles. They just strike me that way! I have been studying piano for a number of years now, and I assure you I cannot play a decent tremelo to save my life! But I can tell you that a good tremelo sounds just like this image looks!

I truly hope I have occasion to share others of the series when they are accepted into shows. #SandAbstracts are part of a larger collection of #EarthAbstracts, a theme I have been developing purposefully for the past year. One day I hope to have a solo show of the best of my #EarthAbstracts.

Now the well-traveled. Last year a show to which I had been invited was cancelled due to the onset of the corona virus pandemic. I’m delighted to report that the venue re-scheduled the show this year and it is now in progress. The show is called “Art at the Center Juried Exhibition” and the venue is the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas. The show opened April 10 and will close May 23, 2021.

Take Flight

My piece in the show is Take Flight, and this is it’s third juried exhibit. Previously, it was invited to “Art Flow” in Baton Rouge and the January Group Show at the Jones Gallery in Kansas City.

It was in Kansas City at the opening reception that I observed a couple in deep conversation in front of the piece where it hung on the wall, with the man of the pair pointing to things in the photo as he spoke. I went over to join the conversation and learned that the man was a contractor and was using my photo to explain to things about multi-story building construction to his companion.

Nothing makes me happier than to have people engage with my photographs in this way! And I have absolute respect for people who do this work. That is why I call my construction photos #PerformanceArt and #HardHatArt.

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