March: Jones Gallery

The Jones Gallery in the arts district of Kansas City, MO, has two of my pieces in their March Group Show. I am always pleased to be invited and, with the help of the chorona virus vaccine, hope to go up to a “First Friday” opening soon. Maybe June? We’ll see.

A few years ago when I got serious about photography again after a rather lengthy hiatus, I took lots of photographs with my iPhone. Lately I’ve done very little of that, but I don’t carry my “good camera” nearly all of the time. When I am burdened with a briefcase full of computer, teaching material and grading, plus a tote bag with stuff for my music lesson, plus perhaps yet another tote bag with stuff for some other engagement, adding a camera bag to the mix then having to leave it locked in my car most of the day just doesn’t make good sense.


So sometimes my phone is the only camera at hand and as every good photographer knows, the camera you have with you is the best one for the job! Torso is the result of one such occasion. I love the trunks of our crepe myrtle trees here in the south. The cinnamon wood peaking through the gray, peeling bark makes for some interesting patterns. BTW, the trees produce lovely flowers, but, frankly, I prefer the trunks!

The Way of Grass 3

Torso and The Way of Grass 3 are both part of an ever-growing collection I call #DetailsEarth. Spotting details of things, especially the natural world, especially mundane things like grass, and photographing them so as to get viewers to see, appreciate, perhaps value anew, might be my strength as a photorapher. Certainly I love doing it!

Torso is also part of a series of #EarthAbstracts. I got way more serious about this approach this past year when the pandemic kept me from travel and cities. Some might say The Way of Grass 3 is also abstract and it is in a sense: devoid of context and background. But it is easily identified as grass. I reserve the term “abstract” for images in which the identity of the physical subject is somewhat hidden, a little hard to pin down, and/or suggestive of other meanings.

Thanks to the Jones Gallery for its ongoing support of my work. If you happen to be there in the month of March, go by 1717 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO. It’s a great historic building with three stories of art. Well worth a visit!

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