“Nerodia” Online

I fondly call her “Nerodia” but the title of the piece is Endless Forms Most Beautiful, a line taken from Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species.” “Nerodia” is part of her scientific name: Nerodia fasciata confluens, commonly called “broad-banded watersnake.” And, of course, I have no idea if Nerodia is a he or a she.

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Nerodia is currently in her third show! This one is an online show called “Diversia: Life.” That show title is a link, so click on it and go to the second page of artworks to find her, and me. This is my second show with this online platform, and one of the interesting features of how they present art is that each artwork is “boxed” on the page along with a thumbnail photo of the artist and a link to the artist’s bio page. Kinda cool.

“Diversia” is a series of exhibitions hosted in Toronto, Canada, under the auspices of Biafrin, an international platform headquartered in the UK that bills itself as an “all-in-one art marketing platform assisting visual artists and art businesses to connect, share, promote and sell their artworks and art-related services worldwide.” I’m still figuring out how it all works and how seriously I might invest in what they offer.

Previously, Nerodia was part of an online show hosted by the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, and the printed, framed version spent time in a show at Ruston Artisans in Ruston, Louisiana. Of course, a limited edition print of Nerodia is for sale, either through the online exhibit or by contacting me directly.

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