Art Flow, Part 1

More great news! Tuesday, March 12, I will drive to Baton Rouge with four artworks to install at three different locations as part of Forum 35 and the Arts Council of Baton Rouge’s major project, Art Flow 2019.

Two of my four works invited into this major juried show will be installed at the offices of Visit Barton Rouge, 359 3rd St # A in downtown Baton Rouge. What a great location!

The two works to be exhibited at Visit Baton Rouge both arise from my ongoing appreciation of architecture. One is an architectural treasure right here in Louisiana: the John James Audubon Bridge across the Mississippi River at New Roads, La.

J. J. Audubon Bridge, New Roads, La.

If you have not seen this bridge, I urge that it is well worth a detour. However, I don’t necessarily recommend that you do what I did to get this shot–which is go stand on the mid-line of the bridge–which as you can see is not designed for pedestrians! In my own defense, as you can also see, it was a low-traffic day.

I could not find the name of a designer of the bridge, but Wikipedia has more information about it.


The Milwaukee Art Museum, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is another treasure, but Louisiana folks will have to be a good bit more purposeful to visit! Thanks to my Chicago photographer friends Tami Beavis and Tom Tran, I got to make a day trip to the Museum while in Chicago for a few days.

It’s an amazing building. From the outside, it looks like a giant catamaran that sailed up and parked on the beach. On the inside, it offers the photographer a dizzying array of receding arches, unexpected shapes, and sunwashed white on white patterns. Gorgeoous!

Stay tuned for Art Flow, Part 2.

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