Great News!

But it is kind of messing with my goal of being rejected 100 times in 2019!

Does that sound crazy? It’s not. The idea is if you are rejected 100 times, it means you are putting your work out there, taking risks––all the things that artists must do if their definition of “success” includes having their work seen, appreciated, perhaps even purchased by others.

So… I set out to be rejected 100 times in 2019. And I have been, twice, including by a venue right here in my hometown, one that I aspire to being invited into. Always disappointing. Always accompanied by doubts.

But this post is about being invited! Yay! I will have three works in the show Art of Photography 2019 by the Prairie Village Arts Council in Prairie Village, Kansas. It is a competition. It is international. The works will be for sale, and there’s a bit of prize money at stake.

This particular competition invited submissions in three categories: Portraits and People, Landscapes and Architecture, and Abstract/non-traditional. Each artist could submit three images in each category, but only one per category per artist would be accepted.

I submitted in every category and was invited in every category! I’m psyched. Here they are:

Portraits and People:

Untitled (Union Station)

Landscapes and Architecture:

Dreamlandia III


Swan Song

The show will be installed April 1st. The gala opening is April 12th, but I probably won’t be able to go. Looking into it!

BTW, Prairie Village is in Overland Park, which is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

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