Art Flow, Part 2

So… I just finished framing the 3rd and 4th images to be delivered tomorrow to Art Flow in Baton Rouge.

I am particularly excited that “Take Flight” was invited to this show. I have been photographing construction sites for a long time, but it has seemed that no one else sees what I see in them.

Take Flight

And what do I see? #HardHatArt #PerformanceArt

I have the utmost regard for hard hats. I mean, look at that maze. That dense, intricate web of pieces. Regardless of how detailed the drawings, how they keep track of what they’re doing, how they know exactly where to place each and every piece, is beyond me. I marvel at it. #HardHatArt

It’s performance art because each and every view, each and every photograph of a construction site is unique and ephemeral. What you see today is gone tomorrow as another layer or brick or 2×4 forever changes the picture. And it will never be seen again. Someday the building will be razed, but NOT piece by piece. So what you see now is gone forever tomorrow. #PerformanceArt

This piece will hang at Downtown Healthcare and Wellness, 307 3rd St. in Baton Rouge from tomorrow through April 19.

BTW, you can see why I call this “Take Flight.” But when I finally held a 13 x 19 print in my hands, I was tempted to change the title to “Yellow Bucket”!

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