Holiday Art Crawl

We have a new schedule this year! The North Central Louisiana Arts Council–NCLAC, pronounced “Nick-Lack”–has made some changes to its holiday arts celebration and fair in downtown Ruston, La.

But first things first: I will be there, as I was last year. This year, I have been assigned to be one of several artists to make our work and wares available at Ruston Artisans, a beautiful new gallery at 203 W. Alabama St. in

Last year the Holiday Art Crawl (formerly called the Holiday Arts Tour) was scheduled a Friday night and Saturday. This year we will be open for business two evenings:

Thursday, Nov. 15 and Friday, Nov. 16, 4 – 9 p.m.

This fits well with my experience last year. I had many more interested viewers and shoppers during the evening hours than on Saturday. Of course, several fun events, including an “Art Brawl,” are scheduled Saturday, but I will be off to other engagements.

What will you see if you come to my booth at Ruston Artisans? A wide selection of prints, framed and unframed, note cards, holiday cards, WATERLINE posters, and, of course, my newest fun thing: Limited Edition puzzles made from one of my images. (See them all here and here.)

And while you’re at Ruston Artisans, have a look around at the Art Crawl group show. Each artist who was invited to participate in the Art Crawl (via a jurying process) will be represented in the group show by one piece. Here’s mine:

kauffman2_untitled (Union Station)_b&w photograph
Untitled (Union Station)

I look forward to seeing you in Ruston!

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