Almost missed!

I’m not much of a morning person. Nightowl, actually. But I spent this past weekend in Chicago and environs, and my hotel in Evanston was just four blocks from Lake Michigan.

Really? How often are you this close to a sunrise over a magnificent lake? Surely you can get up, bundle up, and do it this once! And I did. Sunday, Oct. 21.

I got there as the sky was beginning to lighten–enough to see that a huge dark cloud bank hung low in the eastern sky. Oh, well, I’m here. I’m not going back without shooting!

And I have a few really nice shots to show for it. The sun glowed red through the cloud bank for a short time. Using the bow of a beached boat as tripod, I made a few slow exposures.

The red glow disappeared as the sun passed above a thicker portion of the cloud cover. I wandered down the beach thinking the show might be over. Suddenly I noticed that the top edge of the cloud bank looked like molten lead. The sun was going to make another more spectacular appearance!

And it did. You can see the result over on the Facebook page.

By the time the sun had quit showing off over the edge of the cloud bank, breakfast was beckoning. I turned to walk back toward the hotel and took one last glance over my shoulder. Wow! The sun was back-lighting the spray from the breaking waves.

Sometimes the best ones almost get away.

IMGP4939 72-25
Last Laugh

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