Puzzle Passion

My Facebook friends know well: I love puzzles! And it occurred to me that others might enjoy puzzles made with my images, perhaps as much as I enjoy making them.

Red Buckeye for web

In fact, I started making them online long before I decided to have some actually manufactured to sell. “Red Buckeye” (above) was available online for about a year. It was put together by folks online a thousand times in the first few days, and by the time I took it down recently, it had been put together by more than 2,000 people. Pretty cool!

Swallowtail for web 2

These are Limited Edition puzzles. No more than 500 will be printed of each design, but my start-up order is a run of just 16 of each of four designs. I’ll post the other two designs later.

The puzzles will be for sale at Brew on the Bridge Oct. 13, and thereafter on my website. But remember I only have 16 of each design, and reordering takes several weeks.

The boxes are shrink-wrapped in plastic, but if you want the puzzle box actually numbered and signed, I’ll be happy to unwrap it and do that.

See you on the Endom Bridge a week from Saturday. Think Christmas gifts for the puzzlers in your life!

BTW, “Spicebush Swallowtail” will also be available as a framed Limited Edition print in two sizes.




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