At the risk of sounding utterly uncool, I must say that I love squares!

IMGP0386 72-25
Gone Global

In fact, maybe it’s challenges I love. As a teacher of visual communication, I know well that the inherited wisdom about square shapes is that they are static, stodgy, etc. ‘Use squares when you want to convey stability and conformity,’ the textbooks say.

Well, phooey, I say!

Copper Iris (Iris fulva)

So about two years ago I began my #HookedOnSquares project. If you google that hashtag, it should pull up a number of photographs I have shared online.

Better yet, click on this link, which will take you to the Hooked On Squares project under the Portfolio tab of this website.

So let me know what you think. Did I overcome the basic static stodginess of the square frame?

BTW, “Gone Global” (above) has been accepted at two juried art shows and won “Judges Choice” award at one of them. &:-)

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