Blend is Back!

Blend on the Bayou is a Northeast Louisiana Arts Council annual fundraiser. It’s also a lot of fun! So make a good time count for something bigger, like supporting the arts in our area. Put Sunday, April 30, 5-8 pm on your calendar now.

The event will be at the River Market in Downtown Monroe. I will be one of many artists with a tableful of artworks for sale via auction or purchase on the spot.

My works for sale range from small 10×10 square pieces, like Chipping Sparrow (Spizella passerina), up to a 19×13 print framed 24×18 titled Scouts Clean Up Black Bayou Lake. I tried to keep the starting bids very reasonable, as I would love to sell some pieces to benefit the Arts Council, an organization that contributes so much to the quality of life of our region.

One of the pieces I’m offering is a rarity: a black and white silver print made in an actual wet darkroom–something most photographers (including me) no longer have access to. I made this print–and many others–back in the 70s, then packed them away and went off to graduate school. A few years ago after retiring from full-time teaching, I unpacked those one-of-a-kind, handmade prints and began to match them with vintage frames. Communion is one of the resulting unique pieces.


Of course, live music, dance and food will be part of the event. Indeed, “Blend” is a blend of visual arts, performance arts and culinary arts. Tickets are available on the Arts Council website here. You can still save money by buying your ticket in advance!

Be sure to click on the images in this post in order to see them full frame, and I hope to see you at Blend on the Bayou.

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