From Grass to Glass

Two works, two shows in different parts of the country, one point to be made about the danger of categorizing photographers and photographs in terms of subject matter: It’s limiting. I mean, specialize if you wish, but don’t be afraid to try it all!

The Way of Grass 3

The next task on this week’s agenda is to print and frame The way of Grass 3 and ship it off to a show called “Resplendent” at Pour-d, a new contemporary gallery in Rockford, MI. The show will run September 23 until November 4, 2022. Many thanks to the Pour-d team for selecting my work.

Wild grass in winter in Louisiana is indeed resplendent in color and form, the dormant blades drooping in luscious curves set off by sparks of feathery white seed kites ready to be wafted away on the next breeze. Its gold to dark red-gold tones enrich our winter landscape.


Cities are resplendent in their own ways, and I could have submitted Kaleidoscope to the same show. But I had already submitted it to “Sense of Place” at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art in Augusta, Ga. Thanks to juror Erin Dunn for inviting it. “Sense of Place” began Sept. 2 and will run until Oct. 7, 2022.

Standing in a courtyard among glass buildings was a lot like being inside a kaleidoscope. All I had to do was turn or take a step one way or another to change the visual display. Fascinating. BTW, I have a small collection of kaleidoscopes ranging from dime store child’s-toy versions in cardboard housings to hand-crafted ones in wood housings purchased at arts fairs. Fun!

Also fun: having two such disparate works in shows in different parts of the country. No need to choose between grass and glass. Go for both!

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