An Ode to Color

So… I most recently posted about my love for black & white. And I do and always will! But, of course, sometimes color wins too!

Did you ever notice how colorful a construction site can be? I do love construction sites–especially those of high rise buildings in major cities. This is one reason I love shooting in Chicago.

Skin Graft

Here’s another thing I love about construction sites: What you see today is gone forever tomorrow, as soon as the hard hats get to work again. That’s why I call this series #PerformanceArt and #HardHatArt, and I have the utmost respect for those who create the dynamic patterns and colors for me to frame. I wonder if they ever step back and see what I see?

Skin Graft is currently in the 30th Annual Emerald Coast National Juried Art Exhibition in the Mattie Kelly Arts Center Galleries, Northwest Florida State College, Niceville, FL. I am always gratified to make it into that show. Thanks to juror Viet Le. And, of course, when I get back to Chicago in late September, I’ll check out this construction site along the Chicago River. I’m sure the “skin” will all be “grafted” in place by then.

Bolt Out of the Blue

Finished buildings can be as visually interesting as construction sites, but it seems I must work harder to figure out what to say about them. I have many, many photos of this building in the Chicago Loop, but only this one had potential. In fact, my first edit of this image was good but… no cigar. It was not until I went back and worked on the cropping and got it exactly right that it smacked me in the eye.

Interestingly enough, I had submitted the earlier version to a couple of shows and it was passed over, but when I got it right and submitted again, it was immediately grabbed for Multifarious: A Juried National Exhibition of Abstract Artworks at d’Art Center in Norfolk, VA. Thanks to juror Richard Nickel.

As for color vs. black & white.., yeah, these images are also both about color.

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