Camera Camp

The kids took some good photos. We all had fun. I’m going to do it again!

My first ever “Camera Camp” offering ended last week. This Camera Camp was kind of a private affair, offered only to 6th through 9th graders of Grace Episcopal Church and School.

The next one will be run through Ruston Artisans Gallery and Co-op at 203 W. Alabama Ave. in Ruston. It begins July 20 and runs through August 5. We will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 – 11:30 at the gallery.

Railroad Bridge, by Sophie Rainwater
The Bean, by Seth Sutherland

Each of the kids who came to Camera Camp showed commitment and skill, plus the beginnings of an individual artistic vision. Sophie had an eye for symmetry. Seth had an eye for the quirky angle and was also great at critique. He was often the first to raise his hand and make a great observation about “how we could make this photo better.”

Bayou Desiard, by Lila Napoli

We talked about the difference between “guidelines” and “rules,” and went on to consider some “guidelines for making better photos.” That lead to consideration of some finer points, like how to put the point of interest off center much of the time, but also when it might be better to center the subject.

Paying attention to the light–where it’s coming from, the shadows it casts, etc., was another of our guidelines. Madison and Lila were both good at “reading the light” and using it to advantage in their photos. Lila stood in just the right spot to get a sunburst over Bayou Desiard.

Circus Baby, by Madison Spencer

We practiced by taking photos during camp sessions in and around the church where we met, but also had assignments to complete outside of class. Ivy had a great session with her kitty cat between classes and Madison practiced lighting and portraiture with her doll. Seth got to go to Chicago!

Dixie, by Ivy Napoli

All in all, it was a great experience. If you have or know a kid, 6th to 9th grade, who has an interest in photography, consider signing them up for Camera Camp. Each participant gets to choose their “best shot” from Camera Camp. I then print 8x10s on a professional photo printer and mount them on matboard. After being displayed at Ruston Artisans for a short time, participants will take them home to keep.

Stop by Ruston Artisans at 203 W. Alabama Ave. in Ruston, call (318) 254-3322, or search for “Ruston Artisans” on Facebook to get enrollment details.

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