Two in Kansas City

Between my #AdventWord series and my #YearInReview, I posted almost every day for over a month. Those were both fun series to do, but caused me to fall behind in posting other news

The Jones Gallery in Kansas City has become a reliable venue for my art. David Jones and his staff put up a new Group Show for every month of the year. I applied to the January 2021 show, and two of my works were invited.

Grass Electric

The title Grass Electric comes from the work of one of my favorite poets. As I worked on this shot on my computer adjusting contrast to bring out the fresh green of the grass against the duller green and copper reflections in the water of Black Bayou Lake NWR, Walt Whitman’s words, “I sing the body electric” began going through my mind. It’s a great poem.

Light from Within

No, a cypress trunk does not have a light inside, not even the hollow ones, but… I swear that paddling in my kayak among the cypress trees of Bayou Desiard on a cloudy November day, the fallen red-gold needles of the cypress trees filling the flutes and forming a ring around the base of the tree seemed to glow as if the trees had a light within.

The Jones Gallery is in the heart of the arts district in Kansas City. Each month they have a “First Fridays” opening reception for that month’s exhibit. I went for the January 2020 First Friday and as soon as it feels safer to travel, I’m going again.

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