Two to Colorado

Lots of art exhibits got canceled this spring! Big surprise to no one, I’m sure. But things are picking up again, and I am especially happy when a gallery that is taking every precaution in the world invites my work. These pieces go to venues with strict guidelines in place for doing an art exhibit in the time of pandemic.

Double Arpeggio

So… for the second time, Double Arpeggio will soon be on the road, this time to the 73rd Annual Gilpin County Arts Association 2020 Juried Art Show & Awards. The exhibit is scheduled August 1 through September 19, 2020, at the Gilpin County Arts Association, 117 Eureka St., Central City, Colorado.

Double Arpeggio previously appeared in the 2019 Black & White Juried Show at 311 Gallery in Raleigh, NC.

J. J. Audubon Bridge, New Roads, La.

J.J. Audubon Bridge will soon be on the road, also for the second time. This piece appeared in Baton Rouge, La., as part of Art Flow 2019. It has been invited to the Louisville Art Association’s 26th National Juried Photography Show & Sale in Louisville, Colorado.

The exhibit runs September 8-13, 2020, in the Louisville Center for the Arts, a Victorian, turn-of-the-century red brick schoolhouse–a historic venue in a historic community on Colorado’s Front Range.

Hmmm… maybe I’ll have to make a trip to Colorado in early September?!


  1. Holden Harris

    Both beautiful pieces!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks much, Holden!


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