Art in City Hall

The City of West Monroe, Louisiana, knows how to support local artists! The show that will grace a lovely lobby area outside the Mayor’s office for all of 2020 expresses the theme “Family and Community.”

I really love photographing the things that convey the identity of a community, and I am honored to have four works in the show.

Still Dustin’ After All These Years

One of the first things I remember learning about local history when I moved here now 20+ years ago is that Delta Airlines began here–as a crop dusting airline! I’m still fascinated by the crop dusters and will pull over in a heartbeat to photograph one skimming the ground and weaving around power lines, trees, buildings, etc.

Bassin’ in the Rain

This lone fisherman is at Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge, a local treasure for sure. Of course, people fish other places, but here in swampy Louisiana, bassin’ is practically religion.

Boy Scouts Clean Up Black Bayou Lake

Here’s another from the same location. Boy Scouts are big here and the various troupes are always on hand when a civic responsibility needs to be done.

Ouachita 49er

This is my personal favorite in the show, probably because it was the most difficult to make. Early morning light creates high contrast and deep shadows and can have strange effects on colors.

The Ouachita 49er is a paddle race–49 miles down the Ouachita River! It’s organized by my friend Scott Moore, who introduced me to paddling. But…, importantly, I was not there at the crack of dawn to race. Forty-nine miles in a kayak and I’d have to be carted away by ambulance, for sure! I was there to provide a starting line prayer and Godspeed to the paddlers, and in a few weeks, I’ll do it again for the 2020 49er.

To see the show, go to the West Monroe City Hall at 2305 North 7th St. Sign in with the receptionist on the first floor, and she will grant you access to the elevator to go to the second floor, where you will step out of the elevator into the show.


  1. Rowena White

    Great! Would love to see your work! Surely I can get there before the year’s end!


    1. Yes! What will be fun. We’ll do lunch.


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