June: New England

I don’t think I’ve been back to New England since I left graduate school at Penn in 1992. But I made it twice in June this year! That’s a good enough reason to break my own rule and post two photos for June, 2019, one to represent each trip.

Cliff Walk, Newport Beach, RI

June 8, 2019. The Association for Episcopal Deacons assembled in Providence, RI, in early June, but on Saturday afternoon, we loaded into buses and went to Newport Beach for a few hours. Some wanted to shop. I headed straight for the Cliff Walk.

What a glorious view of the Atlantic Ocean on a clear, sunny day! The Cliff Walk is true to its name. It’s high above the waves crashing onto the rocks below, but the path itself is easy walking: wide, graveled and fenced to prevent tumbles down the steep drop. I recommend it.

Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus)

June 19, 2019. Late June found me in Boston for the Young Adult and Campus Minister’s conference of the Episcopal Church. To get the best airfare, I flew in the night before and stayed at a hotel near Logan International, then took public transit into the city the next day.

I’m not sure I actually saved any money since the hotels near the airport are outrageously expensive. However, that itinerary did afford me the opportunity to walk to the beach the next morning before heading in. Yes, if there’s water near, especially an ocean or in this case Broad Sound, I’m going to try to get to it!

And there I encountered my first ever piping plover. What a delightful bird! Among the gulls, they can escape notice because they are tiny and blend in, but their constant movement gives them away. It took me a good many frames to get this one side view with a plain enough background to show off the bird!

#YearOfBirds #YearInReview #BestOf2019

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