May: Mandala

May 18, 2019. I have been a member of the Arkansas Native Plant Society since fall 2014, and their biannual meetings are always fun, educational and highlights of my year.

Although the flora and fauna of Arkansas, especially southern Arkansas, overlaps a good bit with the flora and fauna of northern Louisiana, it is not uncommon to get to see something new on one of my jaunts into Arkansas.

Buffalo Clover (Trifolium reflexum)

So it was with buffalo clover. According to the North America Plant Atlas, it occurs in Louisiana, but I have never seen it here. This beauty grows on the grounds of Camp Robinson in North Little Rock.

What struck me most was how much the face of a fresh flower was like a mandala. Encountering creation is always a spiritual experience for me, but gazing into this little flower more so than usual.

#BestOf2019 #YearInReview

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