#Unity #AdventWord

Remember that riddle that so delighted you as a child? “What’s black and white and red all over?” A newspaper, of course! Thank goodness for homonyms. (But how many kids today have even seen a newspaper?!)

Here’s a new one for you: What’s human made and nature made and permeated by a single principle? Answer: just about everything. The principle I have in mind shows up over and over again in our mathematics, our art and architecture, as a research tool.., and not only that but creation itself.

Fibonacci on the Beach

The Fibonacci theory is a life-inspired creation of mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in the late 12th Century. It is a think of beauty and wonder on many levels. From it come Golden Ratio and Golden Proportion, spirals and diagonals, all in precise mathematical relationship.

I cannot begin to explain it to you. First, I’m not particularly good at math and so I don’t fully understand it. Second, it would take me far more time than I have to write a coherent explanation of what I do understand.

And understanding it isn’t my point, in any case! Rather, my point is to say that once you start seeing it, you will see it everywhere, in the design of the Parthenon and of the Apple logo, in the arrangement of scales on a pine cone and of the tiny florets in the center of a sunflower head, in the Mona Lisa and, where I found it, in the Golden Spirals of dead grass fallen on white sand.

So Google it if you want an explanation. Look around you at a divine love-saturated universe to open your heart and mind to #unity in diversity.

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