“Hunt” for it!

It seems eons ago now! The Photography Scavenger Hunt was born on the social media platform Google+ back in its early days. Google+ is now a thing of the past, but the Photography Scavenger Hunt lives on.

We just completed Round 26 with a Wizard of Oz theme and these ten terms/concepts to find or create: courage, coward, curtain, home, monkey, rainbow, road, selective color, sepia, wizard. I am delighted to share that my entries won Honorable Mentions in selective color and sepia.

Left: Details.CR: Red Eye for selective color. Right: Details.CR: Age Gracefully for sepia.

Importantly, we are given complete freedom in interpreting the terms/concepts assigned for each hunt. Since my trip to Costa Rica happened during the Hunt, all of my entries were selected from the hundreds of images I brought home.

It took some thinking to make it work, but that’s part of the fun. So, here for the fun of it and because I saw no rainbows in Costa Rica, my entry for rainbow.

Details.CR: Rainboa

Entries in the Hunt are judged by a team of excellent photographers who have won in the past. The Hunt was begun by Christa Rae, but is now run magnificently by my friend Lauri Novak, one of the photogs who make my trips to Chicago so much fun. However, she also has a snake fobia and here I am publishing her name right next to one. So sorry, Lauri!!

Here’s a link to the Photography Scavenger Hunt’s website, should you want to check it out: https://scavengerhunt.photography/

BTW, anyone can participate at whatever skill level and you will never meet a more congenial and supportive bunch of folks.

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