Invited: Contrasts

This is soooo exciting!!

Ruston Artisans is preparing a show called “Contrasts.” Invited artists will be represented by “pairs,” two artworks that contrast in some way: style, balance, pattern, color, texture, shape, composition.

As one trained in graphic design, I really have to think about “contrast” in the context of “continuity.” My two works are very similar in most dimensions, but contrast in one important way.

#EarthAbstract: Scream

So here are the continuities: both are black & white inkjet prints, vertical in orientation, abstract in style, same in size. But one is an #EarthAbstract (entirely organic in subject matter) and the other an #ArchitecturalAbstract (entirely mechanical or human-made in subject matter).

#ArchitedturalAbstract: Saber

This is the second “pairing” I’ve created of works that are similar and contrast in this way. But part of why the “Contrasts” show is so exciting to me is that it has helped me articulate what I’m doing.

Sometimes the creative urge leads in a direction not fully understood at once. Actually, my WATERLINE project, which some of my followers might recall, was exactly that way. I didn’t figure out what I was doing until I’d been working on it for several months.

So thanks much to Ruston Artisans for coming up with a great show idea. Contrasts will run Oct. 23 – Jan. 3 at Ruston Artisans, 203 W Alabama Ave., and Studio 301, 301 N Trenton St., Ruston. The opening reception is Nov. 9, 5-7 p.m. at both galleries. Hope to see you there!

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