Gift Shop Opens

The Edge & Essence Gift Shop is now open! The first–and for now, only–items available in the online Gift Shop are my Limited Edition puzzles.

“Red Buckeye” was created as a puzzle to be put together online on the Jigsaw Planet website. It was a very popular puzzle. More than 2000 people put it together online in the several months it was available there. Now you can have it for your own or give it as a gift to the puzzler in your life.

These are well-made puzzles produced by TSG Products of Canada. The pieces are about an inch square, and the reproduction of one of my photographs is high quality. At 500 or 504 pieces, they are a fun challenge without being overwhelming.

“Home of the Cotton King” was another popular puzzle on Jigsaw Planet. More than 200 people put it together. This single family dwelling is in the Garden District in New Orleans and has a quite interesting history. It was indeed built by a man who made a fortune in cotton.

Are butterflies your thing? I have two butterfly designs: the Gulf Fritillary and the Spicebush Swallowtail. Although these puzzles will be editions of up to 500 each, I have just 15 copies of each on hand at this time.

BTW, local friends, you do not need to pay shipping. Just contact me via the contact page on this website or via Facebook or any other way you know to reach me. We’ll arrange to meet and I’ll hand you the puzzles.

Happy shopping. And puzzling!

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