Another Good One

Having posted last week about my first success with being invited to Art Melt, Louisiana’s largest juried show for Louisiana artists, it occurred to me that I should feature my second invitation as well.

It happened in 2015, two years after the first invitation. I did apply in 2014 but was not invited.

One of the best aspects of the 2015 invitation was that my photographer friend, Irene Kato of Baton Rouge, was also invited. Here she is standing in front of her piece, which SOLD! Way to go, Irene!

IMG_4561 72-15

My piece was a study of the substructure of a bridge in Lake Charles, Louisiana. More accurately, it’s study of the space created by the substructure of the bridge, as the title seeks to convey.

I love photographing “underworlds,” that is, the spaces beneath highways, bridges, intersections, and so forth. These spaces are what I define as the “negative space” created by surrounding architecture. I find them easily as interesting and challenging to photograph as the architecture itself. I mean “negative,” not in the pejorative sense but in the sense of what’s left after and “outside” the architecture (although some underworlds are at least partially enclosed. Does that make sense?

In any case, this image also garnered the honor of being chosen to grace the cover on the first edition of Cypreiére, the magazine of the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Louisiana Monroe where I taught at the time.

Lost in Inner Space



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