“Bolt” Strikes Again

Bolt out of the Blue is currently part of my #ArchitecturalAbstracts show in my Co-op space at Ruston Artisans on W. Alabama in Ruston. Tomorrow (Feb. 18) I will be there from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and that will be your last chance to see the piece for awhile!

Bolt out of the Blue

Bolt has been invited to the “Baldwin National 2023” in the Holt-Russell Gallery at Baker University in Baldwin City, KS. The show runs March 4–25, 2023.

One of the things I enjoy about this image is that it is one of what I call my “impossible photographs.” That is because I took it standing on the ground shooting up at a very tall building using a telephoto lens. If you know much about photography, you know that is a recipe for lots of lens distortion. It took a bit of post-processing to get the lines straight and aligned with the frame as you see them now. So it’s “impossible” because you cannot “take” this photograph, you can only “make” it with your editing skills!

BTW, you won’t be able to buy Bolt at Ruston Artisans tomorrow, but I have lots of other stuff there for sale and everything will be 10% off, as is usual when I am on duty at the gallery. But you don’t have to buy anything to talk photography and art, so come on by.


  1. Rowena White

    Amazing! Thank you!

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  2. You’re welcome.


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