One to Ship, One Online

“Winter Wonderland” is an online show, and I am delighted to be in it. Often descriptions for winter-themed shows make it sound like work that features southern scenes will not have much of a chance of being invited. You know, no snow!

Wing Stop

Having Wing Stop invited to “Winter Wonderland” thus felt a bit like a breakthrough. Moreover, I am fascinated by anhingas, which makes it all the more special. This particular anhinga is a female and a resident of Black Bayou Lake NWR. I have photographed her on that very stump more than once.

“Winter Wonderland” is an online show. You can view it here. Many thanks to 6th St. Studios in Gilroy, CA, for seeing the beauty of Louisiana’s creature and habitat in winter.

Peace Offering II

Within the next few days, I must ship Peace Offering II to a show called “Artist’s Favorite Special Event” at Life in the West Art Gallery in Broomfield, Co. It will be there for just a few days–Feb. 17-19–but I am pleased for whatever exposure it gets.

This piece is one of a large collection of works I call #EarthAbstracts, and of a smaller collection of #SandAbstracts. I find a great deal of satisfaction in framing fragments of things and trying to make the viewer guess a bit about what it is they are seeing. Sand on a beach is a particularly fascinating subject because what is here now, will be washed away with the next wave or the next high tide. The patterns are ephemeral within a larger context of continuity.

This piece is truly one of my faves. Those two fragments of shell, one bright blue and the other bright orange, momentarily captured between a web of tide lines, caught my eye and continue to hold it. Bringing out the colors and textures through editing was also a very zen process. Much more went into creating this image than the viewer’s eye is likely to recognize.

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