#AdventWord #Sign

Oh, Cypress Tree!

Since moving to the south twenty-some years ago, I have said and even more often looked at a bald cypress tree and thought, “Who needs Christmas trees when you have cypress trees?!”

They are, in and of themselves, a sign of the south. In the early fall, when their “leaves,” which look like evergreen needles but aren’t, begin turning a brilliant coppery red, they are signs of coming winter. And for those of you who think we don’t have winter, just know that last night, it was colder in Louisiana than it was in Missouri. So there!

See all those little green balls? They are full of seeds that nourish birds–our own resident birds plus some that flee here from the frosty north–all winter long.

Oh, cypress tree, what a glorious sign of beautiful, nurturing creation you are.

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