Light & Shade

That’s what photography is all about! Well, I also argue it is all about framing, because imposing a camera frame on a continuous universe is a creative, disruptive act. But that’s another post, sort of.

Boudoir for a Beast

Actually, both framing and light/shade are totally important to Boudoir for a Beast, don’t you think? Because light & shade work together to emphasize those lacy Spanish moss curtains that form this boudoir, and framing because the beast lies in wait off to the side. Any other framing and it would be just another of millions of photos of ‘gators.

This image has received two honors. First, it was voted top photo in the professional class in the Habitat category in the Louisiana Master Naturalist Association’s annual photo competition.

Second, Boudoir for a Beast is currently exhibited online as part of a international juried show called
“Light & Shade.” The show is hosted by Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, California. You can see the show here; go to page 2 to see Boudoir.

I am humbled and gratified to also report that in the LMNA annual photo competition, I swept the professional class, with winning photos in all five categories. Here are the other four images.

Many thanks to all who voted for my work. You inspire me.


  1. Wonderful photos and your ‘beast’ photo’s incredible. I really love the dreamy, surreal feeling of the image and then the shock of spotting the big ‘monster’! Congratulations on your much deserved success!


  2. Thank you so much, Liz!


  3. Rowena White

    These are wonderful! So glad you love Nature as do I! Thanks for sharing!

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Thank you, Rowena. As soon as school is out, I’m coming over to walk your nature trial with you!


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