#YearInReview: November, 2021

Back in Chicago. Yay!!!

On this trip, the only one of my Chicago photog friends who could meet me was Tom Tran, and that’s him walking toward me on the enormous question-mark shaped pier at Montrose Point.

Montrose Point Perspective

Tom grew up nearby in a neighborhood called “Asia on Argyle.” What fun it was to hear his stories of playing on Montrose Beach and fishing from the pier as a kid!

I have been in Chicago much colder days, but see the ice forming on the pier? It wasn’t exactly warm, especially not for this mid-westerner who has, after 20+ years of living in Louisiana, become quite accustomed to warmer climes.

So after a few hours roaming the beach, the pier and the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary, we adjourned to a nearby Vietnamese café where Tom shared more stories if his immigrant experience over big bowls of hot noodles.

It was a fabulous day, well worthy of #BestOf2021.

BTW, Tom is my closest connection to fame. Or, maybe notoriety? Anyway, he’s the Vietnamese boy who played opposite Robin Williams in Good Morning, Vietnam! His additional film credits include Red Necks (2020), which I also highly recommend.

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