#YearInReview: September, 2021

Woohoo! Travel!

I got home from a trip to a conference in March 2019 and immediately went into Covid-19 lockdown. Not until late September, 2021, did I board a plane again. Boy, did I miss it. I love where I live, but I also love to travel and specifically, I love to travel to big cities. I need my “city fix” a few times a year!

Skin Graft

It was quite wonderful to be back in Chicago. I wandered the streets camera in hand every moment I could. Yes, I saw an opera, and it was great to have opera back. But I will never tire of the kaleidoscope of life to be encountered in Chicago’s streets.

Of course, I was drawn to some of the same old, same old–like construction sites, a constant in Chicago. But construction sites differ and each construction site changes over time. Every time the hard hats complete a shift, they have changed the face of their work forever. That’s why I call these pieces #HardHatArt and #PerformanceArt. My hat is off to the men and women who do this. I am in awe.


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