#AdventWord #Blessed

Broad-banded Water Snake (Nerodia fasciata confluens)

“blessed” /blest, ‘blesid/ adjective 1. made holy; consecrated.

Like all creation. Like each of us, made as we are in the Divine image.

Here’s my little rant on this particular #AdventWord: It is both sadly underused and misunderstood, and wildly over-used and misapplied.

How so? Glad you asked.

The fruits of capitalism are not “blessings.” They are, well.., the fruits of capitalism. And, in contrast to Divine blessing, they do not fall on the everyone the same. The system works better for some than for others. Those of us who prosper under capitalism are not more “blessed” than those who do not. We are more wealthy; that is all. And whether or not the fruits of capitalism become “blessings” depends entirely on what we do with them.

On the other hand, if we truly understood all of creation as holy and consecrated, we would sure treat it a lot better than we do. I post today my photo of a snake in, I hope, somewhat jarring protest of the fact that here in Louisiana (and probably elsewhere), people still gather to celebrate the rounding up and gratuitous slaughter of snakes.


  1. I hadn’t got around to looking at this post but the snake did intrigue me, paired as it is with “Blessed”. We don’t have snakes at all in New Zealand. I love looking at pictures of them and learning about them but am happy they’re not here! I didn’t know about the rounding up and killing of snakes as a celebration. The idea of such events is hideous.


  2. A place with no snakes?! That really makes me wonder what fills the ecological niche that snakes fill so well, e.g., as predators of rats and mice! I am certainly wary of snakes but they are fascinating and beautiful creatures. To me, snake round-ups are simply barbaric. BTW, thanks for following my blog! I enjoy your comments.


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