#AdventWord #Splendor

Splendor of the Grass

I have a book to write. It will have to wait a bit because I’m writing another one right now. But the title of it will be “Kisatchie Splendors.”

Today I made a little time to go into the Kisatchie National Forest seeking splendor. Of course, I found it, at every turn.

Dear people, have you ever just sat still for awhile in utter silence… well, with only the sounds of wind and distant crows.., and allowed the utter splendor of wild grass to restore your soul?

BTW, it pleases me to know that we humans call this grass “bluestem” and have given it the genus name “Andropogon.” I’m not sure which species. I’m still learning! But maybe a species called “splitbeard” (Andropogon ternarius).

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