New Puzzles!

Three new puzzles designs are on the way, and should arrive in time for local delivery before Christmas. You can snag a pre-order discount and arrange to meet me, or pick up your order or purchase at Ruston Artisans in Ruston.

“Gladiator Frog” is one of my memorable shots from my trip to Costa Rica. A print of this little guy was in a show at a gallery in Kansas City in 2020. I tested this puzzle online and more than 2000 people put it together and several named it a favorite. I do puzzles online, too, but this one is worthy of the “real” collection.

“Brown Pelican” is, of course, our state bird. Anyone who has ever driven the Creole Nature Trail (Hwy 27) in southwest Louisiana will not be surprised that I shot this photo while waiting for the Cameron Ferry. That’s the one place in the world I do not mind sitting in line, for I will be amply entertained by pelicans, gulls, and occasionally dolphins.

“Dixie” is the first 1000-piece addition to the Bette J. Kauffman collection of limited edition puzzles. Dixie and I went eye-to-eye at her stable home in Texas where I and my Canterbury@ULM students went to help with flood recovery back in 2017. A print of Dixie was exhibited locally as a part of my Creation Considered show.

These are all limited edition puzzles made from one of my photographs, signed and numbered on the back of the box. They are high quality puzzles with interlocking pieces, luster finish and sturdy cardboard backing manufactured by tsg products of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Assuming these puzzles arrive as scheduled, I will begin distributing pre-orders Nov. 29. They will be available for pick-up or purchase at Ruston Artisans by the end of that week. Text, IM, or email me for prices and to make arrangements.


  1. Rowena White

    What a wonderful idea! I especially love the frog photo/puzzle! Will be interested later in finding out the appropriate age; I’m assuming adults due to the # of pieces — may be beyond my capabilities! Let me know anytime you are in my area as my Nature Trail is so beautiful this time of the year!
    Blessings, Rowena

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  2. Rowena, the frog puzzle is 504 pieces. They’re a bit challenging but not overwhelming. I have a friend in Colorado Springs who puts them together with her son who is probably in the 5th-6th grade range. Have been thinking about the nature trail a lot and struggling to find a time to come. I’m just rather tied down this fall due to multiple part-time jobs. But… guess what?! I’m writing! Looking forward to telling you about it, but might be mid-December before I get free.


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