New OL & in KC

Not to be mysterious.., OL means “online” and KC stands for Kansas City, of course, and I’m in shows both places this month.

Tracking Tide: Peace Offering

I love my new series of #SandAbstracts called “Tracking Tide,” begun a few weeks ago with a series of images from a visit to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. Thus I am particularly delighted to have one of these pieces accepted into an international juried show. The show is called “Emptiness”; you can see it here. My piece is on page 4 of the show in case you want to go straight to it.

Here’s an excerpt of what the sponsor’s of this show (Exhibizone by Biafarin) mean by the title:

The COVID-19 virus spread forced us to isolation, and we all faced some sort of emptiness, either due to losing a loved one or feeling lonely during the long-lasting lockdowns, or even through finding ourselves, appreciating our own company and observing a state of stillness.

My choice to submit this particular image reflects the fact that I escaped the stresses of pandemic through even more intimate experiences with creation than before, including such things as noticing–finally!–the extraordinary patterns that successive waves leave in the sand as the tide recedes. Next time you are walking a beach, look down at your feet!


Once again the Jones Gallery in Kansas City has come through, selecting two of my pieces for the September Group Show. Bacarolle is from an earlier series of #SandAbstracts begun with images from Dauphin Island, Alabama.

Seriously, folks, next time you’re walking a beach, look at your feet. Sand is an amazing medium that moving water sculpts into extraordinary formations–formations all the more wonderful because they are totally temporary. That’s part of what fascinates me as a photographer. Frame it now! Capture it now! Because tomorrow or in the next 10 seconds it will be gone, wiped out forever by the next wave. I think there’s a message about life in that….

Lion’s Ear

Lion’s Ear is simply the common name for the plant that produces this lovely spent bloom. Someday I will produce a show called “The Dead Flower Society” to show off all my images of dead flowers, which I have long held to be just a beautiful as live ones!

The Jones Gallery is at 1717 Walnut St. in the heart of the arts and culture district of Kansas City, MO. It is housed in an historic building that is a work of art in itself, and it is three floors of fine art–well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity.

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