Dead Flowers Society

If there was such a thing, I would be a member. Because dead flowers are beautiful, really! Here’s one:

Peach Champagne II

I really don’t know what this flower looked like when it was fresh. Very pretty, I’m sure! But.. what character it has now, its silver gray curls streaked with charcoal and touches of peach peaking through! The red stem is a different dying plant, and another thing I have noticed: Colors tend to intensify when a plant is going to rest for the winter.

This piece is in the July Group Show at Jones Gallery in Kansas City, MO. They invited two of my works for the July show. But I had a bit of misfortune. Actually, what I want to say is that the shipper mishandled my piece, but I’m trying to be nice here. However it happened, Barcarolle got damaged in shipping and will not be in the show. I am nevertheless proud that it was invited. It will be re-framed and offered to a future show.


This delightful pattern was etched in the sand of Dauphin Island, Alabama, by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. On my long walk down West End Beach on the last day of my December vacation there, wave-generated patterns in the sand captured my eye over and over. So now I have a series of “sand abstracts” to join the larger collection I call #EarthAbstracts. I’m having a lot of fun with this concept!

The July Group Show will be up the entire month of July. The Jones Gallery is at 1717 Walnut St. in the heart of the Kansas City arts and culture district. The building itself is historic and well worth a visit, and it is always filled with good art.

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