October: Bayou Desiard

Before interviewing by telephone for the job that brought me to Louisiana, I had–like a smart job candidate–done some research about the place I hoped to move to. I had found photos online of the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe and so when the interviewers asked me if I had any questions, being a somewhat avid fisherman, I asked, “Are there any fish in that river that flows through campus?”

When my interviewers stopped laughing, they kindly explained: “That’s not a river, that’s a bayou.” And when I asked about the difference, they further explained: A bayou is a long skinny body of water that is moving, but very slowly. And, yes, it has fish. And turtles.

Âme du Bayou

I have since learned it also has alligators, although not usually on campus. And many birds hang out there. And people and all manner of wonderful things. Bayou Desiard meanders through my hometown and it is a natural treasure every inch of the way.

But to me the cypress trees are the soul of the bayou. This photo was taken standing on a bridge over the bayou where it crosses the road going into Black Bayou Lake NWR. The cypress tress were well into their spectacular copper stage but some green remained. It was a cloudy day making for perfect reflections and minimal glare.

One day I will find a venue that will allow me to do an entire exhibit of cypress trees. I will have trouble sorting through my many shots picking out the ones that best show the many moods and qualities of them. The exhibit will be called “Oh, Cypress Tree!” because that is what my heart sings when I am with them. Who needs Christmas trees when you have cypress trees? Not me.

BTW, not long after making this shot, it was invited into a juried international online art show. Here’s a link to my page in the online exhibit in case you want to have a look: Exhibizone Fall Festival

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