March: Jacksonville

As Covid-19 bore down on us, and not yet being fully cognizant of all that meant, an organization to which I belong went ahead with our planned annual conference in Jacksonville, FL. I had not considered not going, but as I headed to the airport, I wondered…

It was a good conference. No one got sick. But after I got home, I learned that the woman I had lunch with on the last day learned after she got home that she had been exposed before going to the conference. She never got sick, nor did I. But I needed no convincing to take “sheltering in place” quite seriously. It felt like a close call.

St. John’s Cathedral, Jacksonville

But of course, as is my usual routine, I took advantage of being in a city to sneak out and do some shooting. I had little time and no familiarity with Jacksonville, but happily found a terrific gothic revival cathedral within walking distance.

Don’t you wonder about the symbolism incorporated in buildings? Maybe especially ones having religious purposes? What do you suppose is the meaning of cow heads forming the base of a Celtic cross? And a bearded and bosomed yapping dog gargoyle nearby?

That was my last time in an airplane in 2020. The remainder of my year in review will feature Louisiana creatures–because that’s what I could do! (Well, until December…) But being “stuck” at home, pushed my photography in some ways I hope you will find interesting. Stay tuned.

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