Year in Review, Part 1

In 2014, I began doing a “Year in Review.” The idea came from my photographer friends on the now-defunct social media platform Google+, and the point of it was to examine and reflect on your photographic journey and accomplishments in the year ending.

Different photographers do “Year in Review” differently; my practice has always been to choose one image for each month of the year and write the story of the image. That is, why or how does this image stand out? How does it help tell the story of my year? And I will do that again this year, but that will be Part 2 of Year in Review.

Part 1 is something new. In 2020, I got more serious than I ever had before about submitting my work to juried art shows and competitions. Of course, the pandemic “helped,” in a way, because I spent several months primarily at home. Life got much quieter and calmer than it had been in years, and I had time to find and apply to shows and competitions. It also pushed my photography in certain ways, but I’ll cover that in Year in Review, Part 2.

Invited 2020

The video above presents the result of my year-long foray into the world of fine art shows and competitions. I applied to 65 shows and was “invited” into 31, for an acceptance rate of 48%. I don’t know how that compares with the records of more established artists, but I am gratified by it.

The video runs 5 minutes and 36 seconds. The images are in order alphabetically by title, then comes the name of the show, the location, and finally the dates of the show. You will see that several of the images appeared in two shows each. One show in which I was invited to exhibit two pieces was cancelled due to the pandemic. I included that show in the numbers, but did not include the images because the show has been rescheduled in 2021. You will see them next year.

Enjoy the show! Comments welcome.


  1. Holden Harris

    Amazing work! The music and images had me mesmerized!


  2. Many thanks, Holden.


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