East and West

In the past few days, two shows opened making it possible for me to brag that, right now, I have artworks spread across over 2000 miles of the U.S. Fun fact, right?

I Sing of Myself

So… while I’m in brag mode… “I Sing of Myself” is a pretty cheeky title, no? I made this photo at Black Bayou Lake NWR on an overcast, drizzly day. The water was disturbed only by raindrops hitting the surface. Bright green grass banished gloom. Back at my computer, Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” popped into mind. Love leaves of grass (pun intended)!

“I Sing of Myself” is on its way to a show called Emerge at the D’art Gallery on Santa Fe street in Denver’s Art District. The show invites artist to express how they are emerging from the events of 2020. For me, that’s a no-brainer. No place is safer in a time of pandemic than alone outdoors, and that’s what has kept me sane.

Angel of Death (Osprey)

“Angel of Death (Osprey)” is in an exhibit called Wild Things currently at the Cape Cod Cultural Center in Massachusetts. You might recall that I have written before about my encounter with this osprey with dinner in its talons down in Cameron Parish along the Creole Nature Trail (Hwy 27). It was the kind of experience that leaves a photographer like me breathless–and anxious until you get to your computer to figure out if you got anything good enough to work with!

This is the second of my two decent shots of this bird to be recognized by being invited into a juried national show. Makes me smile. Wild Things is an online show. You can view it here.

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