A Matter of Scale

I see architecture everywhere. Yes, buildings and bridges, of course. But what about leaves? I think so!

So let me introduce you to the extraordinary architecture of the American lotus leaf (Nelumbo lutea). These plants are quite amazing in many ways. I am confident we have all admired the big yellow flowers with hearts of gold, and the dried seed pods that grace so many fall and winter bouquets.

Lotus Fractal

But how many have looked and wondered and been amazed by the backside of a lotus leaf in winter? What an extraordinary structure is revealed!

“Lotus Fractal” is the result of an October 2019 meander on the boardwalk at the Pintail Wildlife Drive on the Creole Nature Trail in Cameron Parish. An expanse of lotus leaves turned brown and inside out commanded my attention–and truly set me on a long-term exploration of the many phases and features of lotus leaves!

I am pleased to report that “Lotus Fractal” will be in the 5x5x5 Show at the River Oaks Arts Center in Alexandria, La. This is their annual small works show featuring affordable art for holiday giving.

Should any of my many central Louisiana friends want to check out this exhibit, the Arts Center is located at 1330 Second St. The show runs Nov. 13, 2020 to February 6, 2021. Pieces that do not sell during the show will be in the Arts Center’s gift shop until Mid-March.

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