Are you tired of hearing that everything is different this year? Yeah, me too. And of having to say it. But it is, and Ruston is doing a Peach Fest that reflects that.

Dreamlandia III” is one of a series of shots expressing my sort of dark fascination with the swamp, in this case D’Arbonne. I say “dark” because the beauty always feels a tad threatening.

Go here to learn more about this year’s scaled-back festival. I’m going to focus on the art exhibit, organized by North Central Louisiana Arts Council, a dynamic group that schedules great activities in Ruston year-round. As a member, I got invited to the show.

Peach Cobbler” is a macro of wild grass gone to seed. You’ve seen my attraction to grass before. What drew me in for this detail were the luscious peachy colors.

To avoid people crowding into a single space to see what is typically a large show, the artworks are scattered out around town in the storefronts of willing merchants. Thank you, merchants!

I’m sorry I can’t tell you exactly where my pieces are. I haven’t had time to go look! So treat yourself to a stroll around Ruston–as I hope to next week.

Scissorhands” comes from a new focus on creating abstracts from the natural, wild environment. Search online for #EarthAbstracts to see more.


  1. Holden Harris

    It’s unfortunate they scaled the festival back, but I’ll be sure to look out for your artwork!


  2. Agreed, Holden. In October, seems to me they could have just moved most of it outdoors–and a lot of it was already. Do keep an eye out for my work and let me know if you see it. BTW, followers of Edge & Essence: Holden has a great blog called “Peach Town.” I recommend it.


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