Nothing in Nature Clashes

This show is positively made for me! And I am extremely pleased to have two images in the show. But before I go a word further, I must warn my friend Lauri Bauer Novak, and any other snake-phobic friends I might have, that there’s a picture of a snake at the very end of this post!

Peach Champagne III

Contrary to what many might assume, dead and dying plants can be quite beautiful. “Peach Champagne III” results from a late autumn stop at a small cleared space surrounded by woods near Farmerville, La. I was struck by how the afternoon sun produced shades of peach and pink and dark red and gray from the dying plant life. They don’t look at all “dead” to me!

The second piece accepted into this online show is called “Endless Forms,” and as I noted before, I put it at the very bottom so that those who wish to avoid the photo can do so. It is a snake, of course, a beautiful broad-banded water snake (Nerodia fasciata confluens) that is common in Louisiana. This one was lying in shallow water smiling at me–I swear!

I was delighted that the Cape Cod Cultural Center chose both of these photos, but especially the snake photo, because so many people seem to feel snakes don’t belong. They do. They are a natural and valuable part of the ecosystem.

Nothing in Nature Clashes is a completely online show hosted by the Cape Cod Cultural Center. Here’s a link to the online gallery: Nothing in Nature Clashes. The images are for sale. The gallery page reduces them all to squares so click on the image to see the full frame. And enjoy! It’s a beautiful show.

Now here’s Nerodia. BTW, the title “Endless Forms” is taken from a phrase in Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species.

Endless Forms

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  1. Rowena White

    Enjoyed both these images! Also the evil eye you discerned in Costa Rica. Funny how certain colors are said to clash (like purple and orange) yet are lovely together in Nature (as in a sunset)! Sounds like you have been busy! But when you enjoy what you are doing, it makes all the difference! I wish you all the best!

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  2. Many thanks, Rowena! I have so loved working on these photos.


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