December: Chicago 2

I don’t usually go to Chicago two months in a row, but that’s how it happened in 2019. Just two weeks after the last trip, I was back in town. And I wasn’t surprised when a lot of my friends couldn’t hang out with me that soon again.

So in December it was just me and diehard Michelle Dakuras who spent a day out with our cameras. And, oh, did we cover some ground! From my hotel in The Loop, we went to Lincoln Park Zoo.

The flamingoes were out and after a bit of fun with them, we headed to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and its wonderful orchid room. After getting good and warm again, we headed to the Water Tower area, then south toward the river, having lunch along the way.

At some point–no longer sure where–we encountered a church with a lovely cloister walk, and I was able to catch Michelle in the act of doing what we photogs do. Thanks, Michelle! I really like this one.

And so ends my 2019 #YearInReview. As usual, this #BestOf2019 is not comprised of the “best” 12 photos I took this year. Indeed, I have no idea if/how “best” might objectively be determined. They are instead stories from the year, one per month, fondly remembered. Thanks for tagging along!

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