#Worship #AdventWord

It’s a weed. Really, it is. It grows in a road ditch a few minutes from my house.

It’s also what author Barbara Brown Taylor would call “an altar in the world.”

I mean, look at it! Look at the architecture, the shapes, colors and textures. It once wore a small corolla of yellow petals to seduce the pollinators. Now the curvaceous “belly,” with its flirtatious tutu of re-curved sepals, holds the next generation of the plant.

Look closely. Do you see that another tiny creature has made its home here? Maybe more than one! I’m guessing the spider responsible for that glimmer of web is hiding around back.

Like Taylor suggests, opportunities to #worship are everywhere. We don’t see them because we’re so focused on finding an orchid show that we fail to see the beauty in the ditch we pass everyday.

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