#Learn #AdventWord

Ask the beasts and they will teach you… –God, speaking to Job.

Dixie Knows

I stood still with my camera mostly hanging at my side. Dixie stood a few yards away munching hay and keeping a watchful eye on me.

She is a therapy horse at a stable in southeast Texas that serves special needs children, so she was by no means wild. But I was a stranger to her, and she was none to sure about this human encumbered with a large black object slung across her chest.

So I stood still and posed my questions to her in a soft voice. Do you know who made you, Dixie? From whence came that lovely wave in your flowing mane? That big D on your forehead so that humans would know what to name you?

When Dixie finally came and rubbed her head on my shoulder, I #learned that she knew. We were fellow creatures loved into existence by the same source.

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