#Gather #AdventWord

You can absolutely count on it. If you want to see squadrons of brown pelicans, go to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.

Sadly, the jetty at Cameron, La., has been closed to the public, due to what I am not certain, but the road that takes you to it is now secured by a corporate guard shack complete with uniformed guard who will waggle his finger and motion you back. I know. I tried the last time I was on the Gulf Coast.

But if you drive the Creole Nature Trail from Holly Beach to Cameron, you will have to cross the channel that lets Gulf water into Calcascieu Lake. The Cameron Ferry is a perfect platform for encountering brown pelicans.

One moment they are soaring in perfect formation high overhead. The next they have swooped low to the water, passing right in front of the bow of the ferry, still maintaining formation.

What compels then to #gather there? I suppose the fishing boats that ply the waters of the Gulf and take home their catch to piers inside the inlet. I’m sure they trail gifts for the pelicans.

But so mundane an explanation diminishes not the majesty of these B-52s of the bird world. I’m standing on a deck, but their aerial artistry carries me away.

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