#Confess #AdventWord

What brings you to your knees?

I suppose for most of us at least occasionally, it’s remorse, grief, some form of repentance for something unbecoming we have done, some unkind treatment of another, an angry outburst, failing once again to stick to our commitment to love everyone today…..

Emerald Prayer

One day in northwest Arkansas hiking with friends, this tiny pool of emerald water brought me to my knees.

It had already been a long hike down difficult terrain–a mostly dry stream bed littered with rock of all sizes, from small gravely stuff that makes you slip and slide to boulders that had to be climbed over. In between were the medium sized rocks that looked like you could step on them, but that immediately rocked and rolled when you did.

And… the only way back to our cars was the climb back UP this dry stream bed. I was tired, and, being the oldest person in the group, more than a bit worried about making it back to the top.

And then a tiny pool of emerald green water brought me to my knees.

#Confess! Tell me if you are plant, animal or mineral. Speak to me of your source. Testify to your creator. I’ll wait… on bended knee.

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